Go Inside and Out, Above and Below with Hydralastic 836


HYDRALASTIC 836 is a unique cold-applied, solvent-free, single-component waterproofing compound that not only completes waterproofing jobs inside and out on interior and exterior concrete surfaces, but also can be used in both above and below-grade applications. HYDRALASTIC 836 is excellent for horizontal and vertical applications, such as waterproofing plaza decks, planter boxes, and sealing parapets and is ideal for positive-side … [Read more...]

New AIR-SHIELD Installation Guidelines Available

Air-Shield DSCF0025

The AIR-SHIELD line of air barriers continues to lead the industry in protecting the building envelope from the intrusion of air and moisture.  Used throughout the world, our line includes sheet membranes, fluid-applied membranes, and all-weather material.  To help our customers with the installation of the product in specific applications, we’ve created installation guideline documents that will educate those involved in the installation of the … [Read more...]

DETAIL STRIP: Accessorizing Your Installation Right


Accessories aren’t just for fashion. When sealing cracks and open joints in concrete pipes or culverts, having a durable and self-adhering elastomeric tape provides an effective sealant to complete any horizontal and vertical joint installation. DETAIL STRIP is a rugged, self-healing, and flexibility retaining 9″ (228.6 mm) wide, 65 mil thick, self-adhering elastomeric tape that may be used as an installation option with PROTECTION COURSE, … [Read more...]

Happy July 4th!

We'd like to take a minute and wish all our partners and customers in the U.S. a happy and safe 4th of July weekend.  Whether you sell, specify, or apply our product, we thank you for your business and patronage. W. R. Meadows truly is a great American success story.  Our humble beginning was in 1926, when the founder of the company, W.R. "Bob" Meadows, pioneered the creation of concrete expansion joint fillers.  Installing these fillers in … [Read more...]

We’ve Rolled Out a New Sell Sheet for MEL-ROL


MEL-ROL waterproofing system is a flexible, versatile, dependable, roll-type waterproofing membrane composed of a nominally 56 mil thick layer of polymeric waterproofing membrane on a heavy duty, four-mil thick, cross-laminated polyethylene carrier film. The two components are laminated together under strict quality-controlled production procedures to create an exceptionally innovative and durable waterproofing product. In addition to its … [Read more...]

Updated Waterproofing Brochure Now Available

Waterproofing #BR-3 1

W. R. Meadows is known for our wide array of building envelope materials, including our full line of waterproofing materials.  These material include our Mel-Rol sheet waterproofing membrane, Mel-Rol LM fluid-applied waterproofing membrane, and Mel-Rol LM (All Season) all-weather, fluid waterproofing membrane.  Recent entries into the line include BEM and Hydralastic 836.  As you can see, we have a multitude of products to meet every … [Read more...]

PMPC Stands the Test of Time


When a demolition team went to tear down a gymnasium containing W. R. MEADOWS PMPC at Ursilane College on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, they found something remarkable. While demolishing the building, the workers found that the PMPC, placed below the building’s concrete foundation in 1973, was still intact--looking as if it had been placed this year: solid, no cracks, with its plastic release sheet still intact. PMPC or, PREMOULDED … [Read more...]

W. R. MEADOWS Goes to Building Envelope Boot Camp


On April 30th-May 2nd, eleven members of our W. R. MEADOWS sales team took part in our first ever two day building envelope boot camp. The boot camp consisted of a combination of technical and hands-on training where the participants took part in product demonstrations, practiced presentations, and were brought up to speed on all the new happenings within the W. R. Meadows line of building envelope products. In the classroom, our sales team … [Read more...]

Interview With Anne Ellis, American Concrete Institute


"We transform the world around us each and every day," says longtime construction industry leader Anne Ellis. Ellis has personally had a hand in so many transformations in her career that if each were a pre-cast concrete slab, you'd have enough to construct a skyscraper. In a career that has spanned more than 30 years, Anne Ellis has seen just about everything that the construction industry can throw at a person. And she's wore enough … [Read more...]

A Joint Filler That Really Thrives Under Pressure

Fibre Expansion Joint

Imagine, a multi-purpose expansion-contraction joint filler with the ability to recover to a minimum of 70% of its original thickness after being compressed to half of its original thickness—a joint filler that will not deform, twist, or break with normal on-the-job handling. Did we mention that it can also leap tall buildings in a single bound? Well, it can’t quite do that... But you get the idea. It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no no, it’s … [Read more...]