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Meet HRM 714. This hot-applied continuous elastomeric membrane is ideal for waterproofing bridges, parking, plaza, or promenade decks; tunnels; pedestrian concourses; and similar types of construction where a monolithic waterproofing membrane is desirable. HRM 714 is an incomparable combination of toughness and low temperature flexibility. It has very low absorption and vapor permeance and its unique formulation effectively … [Read more...]

Add our updated waterproofing brochure to your product library

W. R. Meadows’ new and improved waterproofing brochure is now available for request! This detailed, informational piece has been recently updated – it now conveys a more contemporary look, and enhanced graphics grace its pages. The waterproofing brochure covers our entire waterproofing line, and is complete with product descriptions, architectural details and a list of ideal applications. It lists critical details such as … [Read more...]

Choose MED-CURE for your concrete curing needs!

For years, MED-CURE has been an important piece in the W. R. MEADOWS line of quality concrete curing products. Contractors have been singing the praises of this product for years. If your business relies on an economical, high-quality concrete curing aid, MED-CURE is the choice for you. MED-CURE concrete curing aid was specially formulated to supplement the W. R. MEADOWS line of curing compounds and provide the contractor … [Read more...]

Available now: Air-Shield TMP installation guidelines

Another in the W. R. Meadows line of Air-Shield products is our Air-Shield TMP, a water-based air/liquid moisture barrier that cures to form a tough, seamless, elastomeric membrane. Air-Shield TMP exhibits excellent resistance to air leakage. Furthermore, when properly applied as a drainage plane, it prohibits liquid water intrusion into the substrate. Air-Shield TMP is formulated to act as an air and liquid moisture barrier, … [Read more...]

Learn more about installing our AIR-SHIELD LSR!

At W. R. MEADOWS, providing education content for the proper application and maintenance of our products is of considerable importance. Housed on our website are dozens of guidelines and bulletins intended to help our customers install our products correctly and with ease. These items are a great tool to help learn about the proper application and maintenance of our wide line of products. We’ve recently updated our Exterior … [Read more...]

Installation guidelines available for our popular Air-Shield LMP

W. R. Meadows’ popular water-based air/ liquid moisture barrier, Air-Shield™ LMP, is specially formulated to cure to form a tough, seamless, elastomeric membrane. It exhibits excellent resistance to air leakage, and its single-component, water-based technology allows for simple, safe application and easy cleanup. Among its other attributes are its high permeability, which allows the transmission of moisture vapor through … [Read more...]