Decra-Seal: Yellow is for Bananas, Not Concrete

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Having problems with yellowing concrete? Specifically formulated for the decorative concrete market, our DECRA-SEAL is a non-yellowing, acrylic-based, high solids, liquid curing and sealing compound for decorative concrete. The product is clear, transparent, easy to apply, and offers improved resistance to water, alkalis, mild acids, and petroleum spirits. DECRA-SEAL has been formulated to seal and protect decorative colored concrete by producing … [Read more...]

Check out our updated expansion joints brochure!


Did you know that the first product W. R. MEADOWS introduced, way back in 1926, was ASPHALT EXPANSION JOINT?  Our founders pioneered expansion joint technology, knowing that concrete expands and contracts with temperature and moisture changes. As the temperature rises or the moisture content of the concrete increases, expansion takes place.  As the temperature drops, the concrete will contract. The provision to accommodate movement at … [Read more...]

We Have a New Air-Barrier Code Compliance Page


We’ve developed a new Air Barrier Code Compliance page to help you navigate W. R. MEADOWS products in relation to code compliance regulations in your area. It includes the testing requirements for air barriers for air permeance, air leakage, and fire resistance, including use of air barriers in NFPA 285 assemblies, as well as updated information about air barrier requirements in national codes and standards. With the continued rise in energy … [Read more...]

Check Out Our Updated Corporate Brochure!

We’ve recently updated and reprinted our Corporate Brochure #BR-16. This brochure covers the W. R. MEADOWS family of companies, including W. R. MEADOWS, DECK-O-SEAL, HUEBERT FIBERBOARD, and BLUE RIDGE FIBERBOARD. Included in this brochure is background information on W. R. MEADOWS, including new product innovations throughout the years, company expansion, and information about the Meadows family. Since 1926, W. R. MEADOWS has been a leader in the … [Read more...]

Blue Ridge Fiberboard Wins Virginia’s Nascar Green/E3 Sustainability Competition


On October 1st, our sister company BLUE RIDGE FIBERBOARD INCORPORATED won the Virginia NASCAR Green/E3 Challenge at Martinsville Speedway for demonstrating outstanding commitment to sustainability and world-class business practices. “Blue Ridge Fiberboard is extremely honored to receive the first place award for the Virginia NASCAR Green E3 Challenge. Blue Ridge products have been “Green” long before the high priority that green has become in … [Read more...]

97C Catalog Updated and Available

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We’ve recently updated and reprinted our 97C catalog. This 28-page premium-grade construction products condensed catalog provides a quick and easy-to-use reference guide complete with photos and descriptions for over 100 of our products, covering both the W. R. MEADOWS and DECK-O-SEAL lines. The catalog pages are organized by product application categories and MasterFormat designation. Besides a description and photo, each product also lists key … [Read more...]

PERMINATOR Celebrates Years of Strength


For many years PERMINATOR has been used in applications from schools and hospitals, to universities and sports stadiums and has been continually revered for its outstanding jobsite performance and exceptionally low perm rating. PERMINATOR underslab vapor barrier is primarily designed for underslab construction, where the soil has been tamped and leveled or compacted fill has been applied. PERMINATOR can also be used as a protection course for … [Read more...]

Samples of Intraguard Now Available!

We recently introduced Intraguard, a water-based, penetrating concrete sealing compound for exterior concrete surfaces specifically designed to limit the intrusion of moisture and chlorides into concrete surfaces. Its proprietary blend of silane and siloxane penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete to help protect it from scaling caused by deicing salts.  The product has met with widespread acclaim throughout the industry, and we just want … [Read more...]

We’re Proud to be Members of the Concrete Polishing Association of America


The Concrete Polishing Association of America acts as a communication conduit to connect all architect, contractor, engineer, design, distributor, and manufacturing professionals in the concrete polishing industry. The CPAA’s goal is to establish the groundwork as a base for which specifications, standards, and practices can be defined and shared by leaders within the industry from a clear, concise, and technical foundation. The CPAA also … [Read more...]

W. R. Meadows on SlideShare

Have you visited the W. R. Meadows page on SlideShare lately?  This page is a great way to learn more about the construction industry and the technology that W. R. Meadows provides.  Currently, we provide nine presentations that cover a wide variety of topics in the construction industry, including concrete restoration, underslab vapor barriers, concrete surface treatments, and more. These presentations are the actual files we present to … [Read more...]