New Detailing Air Barriers AIA Presentation Available

W. R. MEADOWS has always thrived to do its part in educating the architectural community by offering 10 AIA-accredited courses that not only help teach aspects of different elements including (but not limited to) building envelope, waterproofing, and concrete restoration, but also count towards earning AIA continuing education credit. Detailing Air Barriers is our latest installment. This newly rolled out course is one-hour long and focuses on … [Read more...]


W. R. MEADOWS is proud to be associated with a project at Odyssey Elementary School in Woodcross, UT, where our INDUROSHINE polished concrete flooring system helped capture a gold LEED certification. The INDUROSHINE system, when combined with W. R. MEADOWS’ LIQUI-HARD, a concrete densifier and chemical hardener, creates an architectural and aesthetically pleasing floor.  Also of note is that this system requires neither expensive … [Read more...]

AIR-SHIELD Fastener Penetration Technical Bulletin

W. R. MEADOWS is frequently asked what types of fasteners are best recommended for use with our line of AIR-SHIELD air barriers.  Due to the sheer number of types, this is difficult to answer and should be addressed on a project-by-project basis.  However, we've put together a new technical bulletin on fastener penetrations through AIR-SHIELD membranes that describes the different terminology and basic rules-of-thumb that should be adhered to … [Read more...]

Air Barrier Association of America Evaluates W. R. MEADOWS Products

One of the areas in which W. R. MEADOWS® hangs its hat is its building envelope products, including its AIR-SHIELD® line of air barriers. Recently, the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) evaluated two of those products – AIR-SHIELD and AIR-SHIELD LMP – and listed them on its website. AIR-SHIELD is a roll-type product that is nominally 40 mils thick. Its self-adhesive membrane is strong and durable, yet remains flexible when surface … [Read more...]

Install MEL-DEK Flawlessly!

One of our most popular waterproofing membranes is MEL-DEK. This product has been used for decades to waterproof bridges and parking decks and meets ASTM D 6153, Type III. MEL-DEK is a roll-type waterproofing membrane that is 65 mils thick, composed of a nominally polymeric waterproofing membrane on a shrink-resistant, heavy-duty, polypropylene woven carrier fabric. The two components are laminated together under strictly controlled production … [Read more...]

Back to School: W. R. MEADOWS Sales Reps Build Knowledge and Camaraderie

On September 16-17, six W. R. MEADOWS outside sales reps convened at its corporate office in Hampshire, IL, for Building Envelope Boot Camp. The event was hosted by Sales Manager Todd Duewel and Building Science Specialist Russ Snow. Each attendee learned more on a few key points: Gaining a better understanding of AIA presentations Learning how to apply products via demonstration Generating new selling methods Sharing jobsite … [Read more...]

Download Your CAD Details from W. R. MEADOWS’ Website

Among the many various items available on W. R. MEADOWS’ website are its Application (CAD) Details. Current CAD Details available include W. R. MEADOWS’ AIR-SHIELD™ air barrier family, its underslab vapor barrier products, as well as its line of waterproofing products and cementitious waterproofing products. The individual products for which CAD Details are posted can be below. Recently, we’ve added thumbnails next to each product name. … [Read more...]

Check Out Our Reformulated DECRA-SEAL OTC!

We’ve recently updated our DECRA-SEAL OTC product to perform even better than it has in the past. The new, proprietary formula adds working time to the application and also reduces bubbling and other defects that may arise from less than ideal installation conditions. DECRA-SEAL OTC is specifically formulated for extended working time and provides a premium-grade curing and sealing compound for optimum moisture retention. The high solids, … [Read more...]


W. R. MEADOWS® has released a new, informative sell sheet for EVAPRE, its high-quality, water-based evaporation retardant. The sell sheet outlines key features and benefits of EVAPRE, and lists conditions under which it is best used and most effective. EVAPRE is designed to reduce rapid moisture loss from the concrete surfaces prior to curing. Weather conditions such as low humidity, high winds, direct sunlight, and high temperatures are … [Read more...]

Protect Concrete with the CS-309-OTC and TIAH OTC Combo

A great flooring system is created with the combination of our CS-309-OTC and TIAH OTC products. CS-309-OTC has been a premier concrete curing and sealing compound for years and our TIAH OTC has recently been reformulated into a protective concrete sealer. This one-two combination of these products can be used on decorative concrete surfaces as well as plain gray. The initial cure with CS-309-OTC and the extended protection and beautification … [Read more...]