Read our new Airbus case study!

The first-ever Airbus manufacturing facility in the U.S. was waterproofed using products from W. R. Meadows.  We’re proud of this fact and our newest case study relays the facts in this unique application. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome was the fact that the site of this project, Mobile, Alabama, is the rainiest city in the U.S.  Obviously, high quality waterproofing materials were needed to ensure that moisture did … [Read more...]

Case study featuring New York’s Michael Kors Building now available

Buildings intended to be an epicenter of love and care deserve no less in their preparation and design. That could be why products from W. R. Meadows were chosen by the architects of the Michael Kors Building in Manhattan. The Michael Kors Building is home to God’s Love We Deliver Kitchen – which delivers more than 1 million meals to thousands of terminally ill New Yorkers per year – and the Joan Rivers Bakery. The use of … [Read more...]

Revisit our Marina Heights Case Study

W. R. Meadows was proud to take part in the largest Arizona office complex construction project in the state’s history – Marina Heights. We documented this project with a case study that describes the complexity and daunting challenges of building such a massive structure. If you haven’t yet read this interesting project diary, now’s the time to do so as we are taking part in the next phase of the project very soon. A … [Read more...]

Cold-Weather Guideline: Repair Mortars and Non-Shrink Grouts

Last week, we shared information on our Hot-Weather Guideline: Repair Mortars and Non-Shrink Grouts document, which assists in the successful installation of applicable products when hot weather is a factor. Today we would like to inform you of its cold-weather counterpart, Cold-Weather Guideline: Repair Mortars and Non-Shrink Grouts.  Although it may not be cold where you are currently located, it will be eventually (trust … [Read more...]

Hot-Weather Guideline: Repair Mortars and Non-Shrink Grouts

As hot weather hits, constructors need to adapt to the hot-weather conditions that my impact the installation of construction materials. Many materials act differently in hot weather as to cold, and certain precautions and steps should be taken to ensure a successful installation. At W. R. Meadows, many of our products are impacted by climatic conditions and concrete repair products, in particular, must be applied carefully … [Read more...]

Add our Precon brochure to your product literature

Construction materials gain reputation chiefly by their reliability – how well they do their job, and their durability – how long they do it.  Those reasons, and others, are why so many architects, engineers, contractors and distributors continue to choose and rely on Precon, our pre-applied/underslab waterproofing membrane.  As such, we need to do our best to educate and inform in ways that are transparent and simple for you, … [Read more...]