Eyes on the Sites – McKinley Elementary School

Above is the first project profile on the newest addition to our line of air barriers, AIR-SHIELD LSR.  Here’s the facts:

Project:                McKinley Elementary School
Location:              Warren, Michigan, USA
Architect:            Partners in Architecture
Contractor:         DC Byers
Salesperson:      Mike Davis
Scope:                  37,000 square feet

DC Byers and Mike Davis worked closely with to get AIR-SHIELD LSR approved for this particular project.  AIR-SHIELD LSR is a new product from W. R. MEADOWS so conversations were held about the features and benefits of using this new technology.  AIR-SHIELD LSR was not originally included in the project’s specifications, but after hard work from our sales department and contractor, AIR-SHIELD LSR was approved for the project.   DC Byers’ trust in the product, coupled with our team’s product knowledge, service and aggressiveness in bringing this opportunity to the table, allowed W. R. MEADOWS to get this new addition to our building envelope family launched in the Michigan marketplace.

We have literature and samples available for our new AIR-SHIELD LSR.  If you would like some, or have any questions about the product or this project, please comment below.


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