Project at Verizon Data Center


To build the Verizon Data Center in Southlake, Texas, Corgan Associates, Inc. selected PRECON® as an underslab vapor barrier to protect the critical sensitive electronic data equipment from moisture damage.

PRECON was selected for the 40,000 sq./ft. project because of the flexibility, user-friendly application and low water vapor transmission rating (its plasmatic core provides the lowest water vapor transmission rating on the market).

In addition to PRECON, the architect also chose MEL-ROL® LM, MEL-PRIME™, POINTING MASTIC and PRECON FABRIC TAPE for the ongoing project. MEL-ROL LM is being used in areas with concentrated protrusions through the slab because of flow around conduit concentrations.

The project is expected to be finished around June/July 2013. For more information on PRECON, click here.


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