PERMINATOR Now Has Lower Perm Rating

Perminator application 6

PERMINATOR 15 mil, our underslab vapor barrier/retarder long known for being the toughest product on the market, now has a perm rating of 0.0063. The new perm rating is 16 times lower than required under the ASTM E1745 (0.1 perms) standard.

Using proprietary resin technology, PERMINATOR provides the entire building team with the lowest vapor permeance available and a puncture resistance 45 percent better than required by ASTM E1745. PERMINATOR also exceeds the recommendation of ACI 302.2R – for a vapor barrier to be installed with a perm rating of less than 0.01 in areas where the requirements of ASTM E1745 are not sufficient to protect the floor.

Primarily designed for underslab construction, PERMINATOR is a highly effective, economical choice for helping to reduce the penetration of moisture and water vapor through the slab into the structure. PERMINATOR allows you to have both toughness and low permeance. Why settle for anything less?

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